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J & L Green Farm

Want to relax and enjoy cooking local flavors?  We encourage you to browse the information that we have here and also check out their “farm store” online at to order ahead and have delivered.

About Them:

J&L Green Farm is a grass-based, sustainable family farm raising animals ethically, entirely on pasture and in harmony with nature since 2009 in Edinburg, VA (just 15 minutes from Bayse).  They host all kinds of fun, family-friendly events during the grazing season.

Products Offered:

They carry a wide variety of product and everything can be purchased by the piece and there is no minimum purchase.  Please note all meat comes frozen.

  • Grass Fed & Finished Beef
  • Pasture/Forest Raised Pork
  • Pasture Raised Chicken
  • Pasture Raised Turkey
  • Ready To Eat Items such as Chicken Soup, Pulled Meats (such as pulled pork), Meat Broths, Meatballs, and more.
  • Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs
  • Raw Milk Cheese
  • Raw Honey

Cooking Suggestions:

Ready to Grill?
We suggest trying the beef steaks, burgers, chicken pieces, garlic bratwurst and pork chops.

Want to Slow Cook?
They have beef and pork roast, as well as whole broilers, and ribs (those go well on the grill as well).

Want to do less cooking:
Give the Pulled Meats a try like pulled pork, chicken, or beef a try with your favorite bbq sauce.   Put on a hamburger bun or over a baked potato.  The meatballs (paleo friendly) are also quick and easy to heat up and serve with your favorite marinara sauce over pasta or on their own.

Thinking Breakfast?
Fresh Eggs, Sausage, and Cheese are very tasty together – Hash, quiche or omelet anyone?

Details to know:
Order Ahead – Orders must be placed by Wednesday, two days prior to check-in to have it delivered to your unit. 

Placing Order:

  1. Go to to shop and place items in shopping cart.
  2. At checkout, create account (don’t worry about the ship to address being different, it can be the same as your billing address). 
  3. Select “On-Farm” pick-up – it’s free.
  4. Pay by credit card or paypal
  5. *IMPORTANT* Under the notes section put that it’s for Creekside Village delivery.  CLICK SAVE & CONTINUE before clicking the submit button.
  6. Click Submit.  You will get an automatic confirmation receipt. If you have any questions or you don’t get the confirmation email J&L Green Farm at